Friday, November 6, 2009

Home Tips : Color Tips Choosing for Child Bedroom

Selecting colors for a child's bedroom may be a bit more complicated. Most parents want to use a pale color (pale) or pastel colors in order to increase the value of the element / element of their children, but to be remembered by the parents is: that the child's room is a place for children to sleep as well as a place to play .Coloring child's bedroom with the dominant color or pale pastels will make your child always wanted to get out of his room when outside recess / sleep, if the children are forced to stay inside the room, it will disrupt the growth or development of creative ideas of the child. Playing for children is part of the process of development, play will be honed intelligence and creativity. Solutions that can be done is to combine the color of the soft walls (pale / pastel) with complementary accessories room (carpets, dolls, toys, desk, desk lamp, etc.) that color contrast. Another thing to do is create a play area in the room with room partition, so the children can play while resting in his bedroom.

other than the above tips, there are other tips as follows :
To be more fitting, room accessories to choose colors that match the theme of the room. If the color is quite crowded, the walls do not need to be decorations.


1. Walls do not have to use a picture or painting. Give paint bright colors like blue, yellow, green, purple and even on one wall. Another impression would be created.
2. The presence of the funny lights will add a unique and lively.
3. Child's room should not too much stuff. Under the bed drawer can be used as a toy or book store.
4. Encourage your child to manage his own room. Waive the child in accordance with the desire to create.