Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Modern Toilet Design Photo

modern toilet design

modern toilet design Photo

modern toilet design

modern toilet design
Modern Toilet Design Photo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creating a Minimalist kitchen Ideal

Minimalist kitchen, home minimalist kitchen
Although not always stand out as the other rooms, the kitchen equipment must be arranged according to residential design. One arrangement just a little, the house will look less unsightly.First, the kitchen is only regarded as dirty and smoky areas. Therefore, a tool used when cooking is still in the form of wood or bamboo, so the ancient houses where the kitchen is not considered special. In fact, in eastern Indonesia in particular, it is difficult to distinguish where the kitchen and where the living room because it was fused.

Unlike today. Currently, the kitchen can be said to have functions that are almost as much a bygone era. Related to the more modern era, the upper classes over many choose to eat out than eat at home. No doubt, the kitchen so almost rarely used. This phenomenon is what makes the existence of the kitchen is "a question mark."

Previously, the kitchen is the essence of a place to live. This is where the center of the household, especially that related to cooking and eating. Only later, when modern residential architecture evolved and focused on the concept of public housing, the kitchen began to be made with a more minimal size. Such housing is intended for the lower middle class society. Houses are small, so did her kitchen.Due to the small kitchen, then the owner of the house can not cook too many snacks. As a result, eating outside the home of choice. However, when the income of people was small, it is impossible also to constantly eating away from home. Thus, the chosen alternative for shopping and cooking yourself. Related to this, small house would have to have a kitchen though minimal. The kitchen must be enabled for the activity of washing, cutting, and cooking food. Size of land no bigger than a pantry. However, this phenomenon a long time to be a dilemma.

The dilemma in the sense, the kitchen can be a lifestyle or a kitchen is a necessity of a claim. Because, in addition to practicality, the kitchen is also more rarely used. In fact, the kitchen may just be a place for cooking water. Not surprisingly, those lifestyle changes so that the kitchen be made as necessary. Some coverage of the phenomenon in ataslah which then become a reason not to be made large kitchen. Or in other words, the minimum calculated size of the kitchen.

So, what's standard equipment must be used to supplement these minimum kitchen? Bambang said the minimum kitchen would have to support activities such as washing, cutting, and cooking laukpauk. The ingredients commonly held is the sink, single package with a place to cut it. Meanwhile, the rest of the other space to put the stove. "Stoves are normal. No need to think about wearing oven if not every day use. In addition to standard tools to support the kitchen, other things that need to be considered include three things, namely health, safety, and security. Health means, provision of trash cans in the kitchen. Because, maybe not you let the food ingredients that are just lying unused at the cutting table. This of course would invite odor.

However, not necessarily all you should let the garbage cans are in a period too long. Instead, finish cooking, immediately dispose of the garbage to disposal area to another. It is no less important, according to Bambang, make sure there is a window that can be opened so that fresh air into the kitchen. Therefore, the result of bad air and air waste gas coming out would endanger you. For that, create a kitchen that relate directly to the outside air. Do not let you create the kitchen was closed and dark. This could even harm you.

Related to the safety aspect, I suggest that you have a tool for early fire prevention. No need extinguishers that are difficult, simply provide buckets and sand.

"The kitchen is a source of fire. Because not all homeowners have a fire extinguisher, then seek a simple. You can learn from India.
There every kitchen must provide a bucket made of zinc containing sand. So, every time there is a fire, yes dininya prevention using the sand.

While the matter of security, linking to the location. Currently, the location of the kitchen is not necessarily behind. You may also put them in front.

"So, while cooking, you can still control the condition of the outside area. Maybe if the kitchen was put in front of the house did not look beautiful. However, guests are also not uncommon to come, most families only. So, I think it is fine if you want to be placed outside the kitchen or in front of the house.

So even with the kitchen floor, make sure not slippery and easy to clean. So, before buying flooring materials, ask your retailer first, whether there is a layer or layers antinoda antigoresnya? A lot of material to choose from for the kitchen, such as granite materials or materials from natural stones.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Tips :Tips for Making Space as Warehouse Multifunction

Some people use the pavilion as a place of storage or warehouse. The presence of the barn when it's already practically a necessity. Its function as a storage objects that are periodically so that the house be more neat.
multifunction room
However, what if the warehouse disturb residents. Disni then you can work around this by making the pavilion as a warehouse. That is, design the pavilion in such a way as to eliminate the connotation of the pavilion is used for warehouse or storage place. How, you could make the front look more attractive pavilion. Obviously, the design must be able to represent characters that have a home.

The rest, as well as designing the pavilion for another function, namely note circulation of air and light. For example, by determining the number of openings for the pavilion. Then, with regard to the smooth circulation, whether the move is good or not. here, the number of openings in the pavilion important consideration when designing the pavilion for the residents of the warehouse in order to maximize air circulation and light into the room.

Vault is usually synonymous with high humidity. So, if the occupant is less noticed, I doubt that any furniture or objects in it can be durable and long lasting. Moreover, the types of objects that are stored as files files, certainly vulnerable to damage. It is also not less important is the height of the pavilion floor and ceiling. In this case depend on the type of furniture that will be stored there.

When the size of furniture such as cabinets, then make higher than the cabinet. Alternatively, to measure its space requirement is to measure the dimensions of the largest item and then multiplied by folding, then it can obtain enough space size is ideal.

In addition, because the land pavilion for storage tend to be limited, then consider the layout of the furniture. Do not let the items in the pile up haphazardly. We recommend that you select and arrange them neatly by size and relationship to function any time it is needed, you are not confused to find her. Good luck with these tips, I hope I hope can be an inspiration for you all.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Tips : Caring for bed covers and sheets

Caring for bed covers and sheets
Here are the steps:

1. Wash bed linen bed covers and cover sheet using cold or warm water
2. If the wash bed cover sheets using the washing machine select normal or moderate rotation

3. Do not wash the bed covers and sheets using a bleach
4. Do not soak the bed sheets and bed covers to use washing powder (detergent) is too long, should not be soaked
5. Bed linen should not be brushed
6. Do not squeeze too hard cover sheet
7. Bedcover bedding should not be dried under direct sunlight, when drying bed linen bed cover with the positions reversed
8. Iron bed cover bed sheet with medium-high heat

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contemporary Bedroom Lighting

Contemporary Bedroom Lighting

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Modern Lighting Bedroom

Modern Lighting Bedroom

Set the Mood With Bedroom Lighting Idea

Bedroom lighting is the dream light for bed. The lighting that you chose will help set the mood for your bedroom. Many people like to use light colors and then blend a lighter colored sheets and comforters with them. If you have a certain comforter that you simply love you will most likely want to build your entire bedroom décor around this comforter style and color. light oak bedroom furniture, Outdoor themes are becoming very popular in bedroom décor. You can find tables, lamp shades, and bedding to fit these outdoor themes. You may need to shop online or at a local outdoor supply stores like Cabalas and Bass Pro shops to find these types of items. Ladies you may find that if modern bedroom lighting your man enjoys hunting and fishing that he may be more attentive to your needs and desires if you create a bedroom décor that makes him feel more comfortable.

Bedroom Lighting Idea

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Neoclassical Kitchen Style

This images is a Neoclassical Kitchen Style

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bed Cover for Wedding

This is beauty wedding bed for married

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Funny Hello Kitty Bed Photo Idea

Funny Hello Kitty Bed Photo Idea

Bed Cover for Children

Bed Cover for Children

Bed Cover Pictures

This Pictures is bed cover style

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lighting Room for Children

This image is a Lighting Room for Children