Saturday, May 8, 2010

Funny Hello Kitty Bed Photo Idea

Funny Hello Kitty Bed Photo Idea

Bed Cover for Children

Bed Cover for Children

Bed Cover Pictures

This Pictures is bed cover style

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lighting Room for Children

This image is a Lighting Room for Children

Home Tips :Lighting for Children Bedroom

When decorating a child's bedroom, often supplied with armature lighting (home lighting). Shape, of course selected the children's attention. Began to toy cars to various kinds of animals. Only, because the emphasis the beauty of form, not too bright lights. In order for the activity rooms are not disturbed, it takes a double illumination.

Lamps with a funny''is usually only as an accessory. Not the main lighting,''said Citra Bayunda, Surabaya interior design practitioners. Therefore, if the room is still there other activities such as learning or play, needed additional lighting. Can headlight aka general lighting or additional lighting in certain locations. For example, at a desk.

But, if the room was for sleeping infants, additional lighting is not an absolute thing. Noteworthy is the position's. Keep lights are in locations that are not easy to reach the children. If you use a hanging lamp, minimum distance from the floor about 1.7 meters.

Election lightbulb or lampholder should really be noticed. Therefore, the safety of children sleeping in the living room remains the main concern. Make sure all cables are connected properly. These minimize the chance of fire.

According to Citra, children aged nine years or less tend to like physical activity like climbing the table and chairs. With altitude, the child will not easily reach the lights even though they got into a table or bed. High''nine-year olds at least about 1.1 meters. High chair or bed about 50 cm. So, still safe''he asserted.