Friday, March 18, 2011

Unique Design Bathroom with Bathtub Wood

Bathtubs are an important room in the house ornament. If you want to seem natural in the tub, give the ornament of wood bathtub in your bathroom. In this modern era, generally bathroom design using hi-tech materials with a glossy surface appearance and minimalist forms. However, along with the issue of incentive to go green is growing in society, not infrequently they also make ornaments are environmentally friendly as a partition in his home.

Many people today want to have a natural design. One of the biggest trends today is to create a natural bathroom with menggunakaan natural ingredients as its elements.

One of the good natural ingredients used is wood. Wood actually creates the impression of soft in the room. This material is warm and wood fiber will add a natural texture to the surface.

For selection of colors, shades darker than the fact many colors chosen a more neutral and walnut shade. You also can use elements of bamboo that can be used in accessories in the bathroom.

If you do not buy products that are designed specifically for the bathroom, you need to make sure that the ornament is suitable for use by its nature where there are changes in humidity and temperature in the room. If you want to use the partitions of wood floors for example, pine wood is ideal for use.

For more impressive natural image, you can use a wooden tub. Apart form the sweet cekungnya, order bathroom was so visible slick. Do not forget also about the treatment. Wood ornaments are in need of special care. When you decide this, you also have to pay attention to the selective treatment side. It is advisable for them to wipe it to dry after a bath is used and remove all the dirt on the surface.

Home Tips : Organizing A Narrow Living Room

The house is a place that is very important for everyone. The living room is the determinant and the first impression of a whole house assessment. If the living room does not look neat, the judgments of people will immediately assume the residents of any character like that. For those of you who happen to not have a living room large enough, do not be discouraged. To achieve a comfortable living room, do not just need a flair, but also strategy and intelligence.

This is a Organizing A Narrow Living Room :
- Furniture is sleek
The first thing to do, is to determine the type of furniture and accessories that will be used. Try to choose sofas, tables and chairs are sized with a design that is not complicated (simple). Furniture is symmetrical and not a lot of ornaments, will reduce the impression of excessive. If necessary, seek the kind of furniture is sleek and petite. Can also use two sofas with transparent glass table, wood or wicker chairs the slim design.

-The composition of the corresponding color
Combine your living room wall paint with the existing supporting accessories such diruangan. Find a matching color with the kind of furniture. Mix and match the composition of the room, is one way to add more beautiful atmosphere. The combination of colors and materials used, sometimes adding guest room feels more alive. Through color uniformity, it is expected that relatively narrow room to be impressed with relief.

-Do the colors game
The impression of relief also disiasati with doing games soft colors, like white, beige, yellow, ivory, yellow, lime and turquoise. The colors are generally easily be combined with various types of furniture. In order to give a touch more dynamic and visually interesting, you can add bright colors, like red or lime green.

-Use small accessories
Additionally, set in the living room accessories that are not blocking traffic and safe for children. Do not place the rack or large closets in your small living room. Just use small accessories that match the color of the room, if you want to create a mini living room becomes more beautiful.Good luck, hopefully this tip useful to you.

Home Tips : Organizing Tips for a Narrow Room

Organizing Tips for a Narrow Room :
In a house that was pretty solid, you need to think vertically. You should see your room as a form of three-dimensional rather than just two dimensions, which means the room you have the width, length and HIGH.

Change the room with due regard to existing space overhead. Consider any empty space and use them optimally. The principle that you should look if you would arrange a small space is to create a multifunctional space.

1. Apply an open-plan system

The system is open-plan means to minimize the massive wall of insulation from one room to another. But before you tear down walls or remodel your furniture layout, you should plan it first in a sketch.

2. Make a list of activities

Activity is very influential in the structuring of space. Figure out exactly what activities will happen in the room who would you order it. Whether the entertainment activities, watch TV or room to work. Make a diagram and mark each area where the activity takes place.

3. Provide a place to store goods

It is often forgotten. Warehouse space is very important, because it will be very much his role in accommodating the goods unused. You do not need to create a special room, but you can provide a certain angle in your home is important and you should be neatly arrange. Once again, you have to think vertical, and that your room consists of width, length and height. Below are some tips for managing a small room.

4. Consider build-in furniture

Build-n means the furniture is furniture that is built on the walls of the house, usually serves as a storage cupboard household tools, or wardrobe. Build-in furniture is certainly going to save space very efficiently.

5. Use open shelves

Open shelf will save more space than cabinets with doors. However if you require an enclosed storage, consider using the sliding door (sliding door) on the cabinet.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Functions of Home Gardens

Home Garden design
The person who buys or owns a house would normally expect any remaining land that can be used for parks. The existence of a garden at home actually has many functions. Besides beautify the home, the park also makes the atmosphere of the house is not barren. A home will feel comfortable and look attractive if it is equipped with a garden.

Home Garden

But not every home can have a garden. Look at the dense settlements located in different urban areas. Even if there are any remaining land is generally not used as a park, but ample parking for motorcycles, shop, or add house building.

Home Garden

The existence of an exterior garden, is actually very important. Parks are not just empty space filler, but has many functions and roles are much larger. Some of the benefits of home gardens are as follows:

• Parks that contain live plants provide a balance of houses built with stone and cement. This balance is important to make the house so it feels more comfortable and pleasant as a place to live.
• Plant located in the park will provide an important contribution to the circulation of fresh air and clean for residents. Especially if we live in urban air pollution level is high enough. In place of this kind can act as a buffer park ecosystems and the supply of oxygen and clean air is healthy.
• Park also serves as a useful recreational arena for family members. Moreover, when large exterior garden big enough to play and gather with family, would be useful to improve communication.
• Parks are also useful as a medium or a means to fill the occupants of the home or for hobby gardening. Fatigue or stress experienced while working in the office will soon disappear by simply watering the plants or look at and enjoy the beauty of the existing plant.

Given the importance of the function of the park, there's nothing wrong if you are trying to present in your home garden. Wherever you live and how many pages there are also extensive, you can make it. If widespread home page is frail, you can create a garden with pattern attached to the wall. Make it buffer the plant from the order wire cemented to the wall. After that place the potted plants on it.

So also when there was nothing left page, you can still make a garden to get around the existing space. For example by creating a hanging plant. Of course, this model was made by adjusting the remaining exterior conditions. Make a buffer or a place to hang pots from two or four iron rods connected by wire.Good Luck....