Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Tips : Present solutions for Splashing water in the Park Home

Present solutions for Splashing water in the Park Home!
No need to be disappointed because it could not make a backyard pool is limited. You can still bring the gurgling sound of water in the park, although only using a fountain.
No one denies that if the gurgling sound of water can create a cool atmosphere. So no wonder if many people are also willing to make the pond in his yard, complete with a fountain for the soothing sound of water gurgling it.

About this pool, some people assume make a pool can only be done on a vast land. Thus, those who have limited land, failed to make the pond and fountain in his yard, plus get the gurgling sounds of water. This assumption is not always true. On the narrow yard, we can obtain the gurgling sounds of water in the park.

No need to create a large pool anyway, if the land is not possible. Simply create a small fountai water in the corner of the land. Fountai like this could be placed under trees or in the other corner of the park. Clear land needed is much smaller than if you had to make a pool below the waterfall.

Small fountain, like the photo above, can be inspiring. Fountai 50cm in diameter made of stone, with holes like dimples. Hole in the middle of this rock filled with water. At its center is placed a small fountain, which stuck with the water flow quietly. Made water circulates from the lip of the overflow hole in the stone, and flows into the coral rock beneath.

Continuous overflow of water out, making the surface of the outer wall of mossy stone. Some may consider it dirty. But not a few people who liked it. In the tropical garden concept, mossy rocks make the garden look more exotic and natural. Still, that does not mean fountai not need to be cleaned at all. You still have to pay attention to cleanliness, at least once a week. At the very least, treat that fountai not even be a nest of mosquitoes.

Home Tips : Tips of theWood Floor Care

Tips of the wood floor care!
Wood Floors, is an alternative floor has high artistic value, but the wood floors can also be disastrous for the user ..

Basically, the material of wood, very, very vulnerable to changes in weather and termites. But with treatment and current tekologi, wood flooring is an alternative method for the floor of a luxury home or office. But with unfavorable treatment or undercooked it will make the house look bad appearance and function of such floors could be disrupted.


To get a quality wood floor and in accordance with the expected, then the maximal function of the wood material, be aware of several things, including the need to choose weather-resistant tree species and termites. For example, teak, ebony, iron or ironwood, marine resin, bangkirai, and merbau. Also be sure the wood used in a very minimal water content. Because of high water content can be made of wood became swollen, shrinkage, or cracks. Besides doing all the finishing process and coating with anti-termite substances. And if you want to obtain the surface texture, use a polish or varnish, can also paint with a paint timber.

For wood floors would be better to use solid wood species, because solid wood is resistant to termite attack in addition to having a beautiful texture. Also create a balanced composition with a field of wooden furniture. The floor could use a structure that extends vertically, while the widening could be horizontal. Facilitate appropriate arrangements perletakkan furniture. In order to view a maximum wood floor, you should confirm the condition of the ground floor flat face and neat. Uneven floor can damage the wood and the atmosphere of space.

For maximum results must be done by a professional installer, and for the installation of wood floors do not require a long time, because it only takes 1-2 days.

Installation of wood floors do not have to dismantle the old floor, such as floor tiles, marble, cement floors acian and old wood floors can be stacked with our wood floor.

Basically a wooden floor or only able to hold the water from the upper layer only. Therefore, washing the wood floor is not allowed, so the advise to use a special floor cleaner tool. Basically, the water spills on the wood floor is not too problematic, as long as soon as possible dried (not left for days).


Pros use a wood floor is cool when hot, warm when cold, Beautiful & elegant, Comfortable Friendly, No Sign in the wind if you slept, Hygienic & Non Allergy, No disassemble & damaging the floor early. not until the peeling layer conditions (10 year warranty), stain resistant & Scratch Resistant (no layer of corundum crystal), is not changed color (10-year warranty), Hold fire, cigarettes (no layer of corundum crystal), water resistant & waterproof (upper layer laminate ).

Besides the above mentioned wood floors have many colors & styles to suit the desired interior, no odor, no dust sticks & easily cleaned, repaired & replaced easily, no serious injuries if fallen on it, no noise when stepped on, no need to sand, diwax / difinish reset, but the connection & not curved, high Value & economical, not humid in the room air conditioner, Suitable for tropical and mountainous, suitable for your room audio & video, installation & maintenance Save time, Supported accesories for the beauty of your room , does not need the added layer of protection, no need membongklar old floor.

In addition, the best way to care hardwood floors can be through special instructions recommended by the manufacturers who produce wood floors. But in general, to cleaning and preventing damage to the wooden floor at home.

To clean wood floors can use a soft brush made of feathers or sulah, because although the wood floor is scratch-resistant, does not cover the possibility of scratches due to errors selecting a broom. Also use a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching the floor. Clean the floor with vacuum 1 or 2 times a week.

Walaupin wood floors that we have included in the high-quality wood floor, wood floor how baikknya avoid the water that is its greatest enemy. If the wood floor is exposed to water, it can be cleaned with a soft towel, then dry.

When cleaning wood floors, redeeming a dry cloth. Water from the wet wipes can seep into the pores of the wood floor causing damage. Carpet may be an alternative to cover the wooden floor, especially on the most frequently traveled areas. But choose a carpet with a non-skid coating that is not easily displaced.

Frequently carpet area is cleaned with a vacuum so that dust does not fall through the fibers of carpets and wood littered the floor. Avoid wearing heavy shoes or high heels on the wooden floor you. In addition to cause scratches, some heels can also result in grooves on wooden floors.

Never drag furniture on your wood floor. Use a soft base such as cloth or towel on the bottom of furniture when they want to move it, this avoid scratches on your wood floor.

Use doormats at each access in and out of the room to reduce the impurities carried by the shoe. Make sure you follow the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer to remove scratches on hardwood floors. If there is damage caused by water, will likely be very difficult to fix. Some types of wood flooring may require the process of waxing or pengkilapan floor regularly. Get recommendations from the manufacturer about this and other wood floor care in particular.