Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Tips : Choosing Ceramic Tile Tips For Home

Choosing Ceramic Tile Tips

The popularity of ceramic for the floors in your house is believed to originated from the countries of southern Europe, like Spain, Italy, Greece, and Potugal. The use of ceramics in the floor tile has become popular because it can provide cool shades in a warmer climate. In addition, ceramic floor easier to clean, well swept and mopped way.

To select a ceramic, you should first consider the shape, color, style, and how the ceramic surface that you want to buy. Ceramic floor appeared in various forms such as diamond, a square of eight, seven square, triangle, and circle to impress even more eccentric.

The bigger the room should be greater ubinnya. Therefore, the installation process is faster and also make it easier for you to clean it up. For a small room you should not use a large ceramic to avoid the impression of the room seemed out of proportion.

You can also customize the color and design your tile floor with a wall color in your room. In places such as the sale of certain ceramic tile Jakarta, you can design the colors and patterns of ceramic tiles according to your own creativity to give a unique impression on the rooms in your house. In these places are usually available also souvenir ceramics for various purposes such as knick knacks.

Usually available two options on ceramic surfaces, namely the standard and shiny. Tiles with more standard surface in ruanganruangan used outdoors, such as front or back porch. While the tiles with a shiny surface is more popular and frequently used for the room in the house. In addition to looking more beautiful and durable ceramic with a glossy surface is also much easier to clean. Unfortunately, the price is more expensive than standard ceramic surface. Yag shiny ceramic serve as perfect as a souvenir ceramic goods that have aesthetic value.

The following tips can be input you when to buy ceramics.

1 Consider first what the room wants to put on ceramics. Example for the family room, you should choose ceramic with bright colors or flashy and noisy sedikt patterns. Dikreasikan ceramics for various purposes.

2 For the kitchen room, we suggest you choose the floor tiles with a shiny surface due to the floor with a surface like this easier to remember the kitchen floor cleaned more often dirty due to activity in the kitchen cooking.

3 In contrast to the tiled floor in the room outside, choose a floor with a surface that does not easily absorb water and moisture.

4 When buying ceramic, should you overestimate of about 5-10 percent of the amount of tiles you buy to avoid shortages due to the ceramic is a potential for damage (usually broken or cracked) when the delivery or during the development process. Ceramics ordered more portions than the need to help you when the unwanted.

5 Make sure you check the information in the box when buying tile. Ideally outside the box there is a ceramic packaging information on the model specifications, colors, patterns, numbers and the number of tiles in the box. As information is usually in a ceramic box 1 is 12 to 16 tiles with a thickness of about 6 to 8 millimeters.