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Home Tips : How To Give Your Home a Makeover

8 Easy SteHow To Give Your Home a Makeover

You don't have to be an expert to spruce up your place. But let's face it, giving your home a makeover doesn't come cheap. So we'll show you tips and tricks that'll set you in motion.

You'll be surprised how small changes can add flavor to your lifestyle.
All it takes is creative thinking — about the colors, placement, and the mood you want to set. We hope these 8 simple steps will inspire you to take the plunge. You'll be delighted with the results when you're done.

Let's get started.
1. Simplicity is Bliss
Less means more in terms of style and overall look. Clutter-free spaces make your house appear larger in size. So the first step of any makeover should be to tidy up.

Just like tiny ants, we must store our goods during the winter. But when summer arrives, your home gets cluttered with heavy blankets and clothing. Put them away in storage.

2. Add Flavor To Walls
Painting is economical and easy to do, so why not experiment? The trick is to get out of your comfort zone. While picking a color, pick one that is a shade bolder than what you felt is "safe".
Color, shelves, and art.
One elegant style is to paint three sides of a room white and the fourth a royal red color. Put up black shelves on the red wall for your artwork. Contrast is what you're looking for here.

3. Get an Area Rug
Area rugs do two jobs — they make your room cozier and add a touch of sophistication. We suggest you only buy the best rug you can afford. Save up until you can.

Area rugs make from wool and silk are best in terms of quality. Jute, grass and sisal rugs cost less, but are tough to clean. If you spill something on them, that rug is lost.

Your rug should fit with the placement of your furniture. In your living room for example, the area rug should cover the "conversation area" — that includes the coffee table and sofa set.

4. Cover Your Furniture
Slipcovers give any room a fresh new makeover. Not only do they conceal old upholstery, but changing the entire color palette of the room becomes a snap. Plus they're inexpensive.

Dark colored furniture creates a warm, cozy feeling in the winter but might be a bit too much for summer. Simply toss a white slipcover to create a cool atmosphere for those humid days.

The trick with slipcovers is to use them to match furniture pieces — both in color and style. Change the hues in your room to transform the mood. Turn an old couch into a beautiful new sofa. The possibilities are endless.

5. Lighting is Everything
Lighting is the most important aspect of a home makeover — and the most ignored. If you've given your home a complete makeover and it still doesn't feel right, the problem is probably lighting.

The right mix of lights can bring a room to life. There are three basic steps to achieve the perfect lighting...

1. Functional lights — recessed and track lights fall in this category.

2. Task lights — table and floor lamps are best.

3. Accent lights — spotlight your artwork and sculptures in the room. Halogen bulbs give the best effect, but incandescent bulbs will save more energy.

Hot tip: Pay attention to your kitchen since it's the gathering spot in most homes. Recessed lights are most functional here. Spotlights under and above cabinets give an elegant effect and sets a soft mood.

6. Get Indoor Plants
Not only do plants add grace to your look, but research shows they also improve your health. Plants work hard to clean your air of toxins and reduce stress.

Plants are great in the office too. Studies have shown people to be a lot more productive when plants are added to their surroundings.
Experts recommend you have at least 8 plants in your home.

7. Window Treatments & Blinds
Window treatments can radically change the mood of your room. That's why you have to think creatively when settling on a style. The treatment should match the overall look of the room.

Either accent your color palette or be consistent with it.

A formal floor length window treatment emits sophistication. The style is often layered with a sheer underneath, and refined with a top treatment.

Hang your drapes higher and wider than the window. You'll create the impression of a larger window. Your room will also appear more majestic.

8. Change Your Hardware
An inexpensive way to give a room a makeover. New cabinet and door knobs make a radical difference in the look of your home. Even changing curtain rods can add personality to a room.

If you rent your place, you can take your new hardware when you move (just be sure to screw back the old ones :)

Hot tip: Add pizzazz to your entrance — a shimmering new doorknob and a new knocker does wonders. Finish off with a fresh coat of paint.

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