Monday, June 15, 2009

Design of the Green House Plans and Home Interiors

In this years, more people can be get the house design. If you follow design trends, and then that would certainly have heard the term "green design". Green Design (also called sustainable design) is the art of designing physical objects and the built environment to comply with the principles of economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It's about making good choices when it comes to protecting our world and the preservation of its resources through sustainable use of renewable materials such as flooring or bamboo easily, instead of depleting resources, such as granite which has hundreds of thousands years to replace.Many consumers have heard of what you can do to help your health and the environment, while others think it is a pure concept, but can not know whether you can implement in their homes. Despite a new house built to be "green" certification through the LEED guidelines will give the best results for indoor air quality and energy savings, does not mean you should abandon your green interior design decoration in a house. For consumers who are looking to build green homes, find an architect who specializes in LEED certification of green buildings and residences. One of these is the architect of Santa Monica, CA-based David Hertz, founder of the Environmental Study of Architecture. Here is one of my favorite designs, Lehrer:
This beautiful 7500 square foot home is absolutely inconceivable that the idea of sustainable design a building sacrifice aesthetics. A staircase and elevator passage creation of an open pit as a solar chimney to exhaust and heat again, which is at the high ceilings of the living room and bedroom. It also uses solar energy to the home, pool heat, and radiant heating. Another project, as I have to show is a commercial building, the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center in Georgia, the Lord, fields, and Sargent. It shows an example that the above picture is not, it shows a building with a piece of nature and Incorporated into the design.

The gorge can be seen in the crosswalk performance was once again dry, but by bringing in non-potable water from a nearby treatment plant, has become an integral part of air-conditioning system and a beautiful water feature. Using a dry gully, they eliminated the need for a dredge and an excellent source of water to be used for the AC system, irrigation, and for a supply of water for cleaning toilets.