Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Tips : How to Use Room for Girl

How to Use Room for Girl :
Decorating rooms for the girls, it's quite fun activities. This is a nest for daydreaming, spinning Tales of Wonder, study, play with dolls, sleep and even a little 'make-up and spend time looking in the mirror for all those who represented up pimples Here are some great ideas to transform the room of your place of paradise for you:

* The girls, though small, adolescent or modify those in younger women, tend to be more creative than boys and love to have a say in the decoration of your room. Yes, I ask your girl to the list of their favorite toys or people who want to integrate the theme of your room.
* Use your favorite colors, the colors on the walls of the room, as accents, accessories or linens and curtains.
* Girls love to recycle the products and their use in creative new ways innovative. Mirror attached to the breast first can be placed directly on the wall. Knobs, pulls out of the beliefs and cabinets can be modified, while posters can be changed in an instant new look.
* Background Bold with message boards where girls can paste magazine clippings, handmade papers, or their paintings and drawings, often loved, and promote creativity in them.
* New linens, sheets and duvet covers make adequate space theme, the colors of Christmas, wedding bells, or even garden elves are hot also change. Let the girls drape colors corresponding to their windows.
* Select your taste and the child grows and the girls quickly. So it is advisable to use hand-painted murals, cheaper options for carpets and carpet areas, stick along the wall, framed art, posters and accent rugs that can be easily modified and budget-friendly.
* Accent pillows and throws, tapestries hanging on the wall and window treatments, rugs cheap area can be used to implement the various colors and textures.
* Be sure to provide ample storage space on the mirror toilet and full-organize your own cosmetics, pieces of jewelry, pins, combs and other accessories.