Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interior Modern and Classic Style in Living Room

Living room dominated by the colored element of the land, from the color of the land of brown, to cream. From his appearance, this space applied the style of the classic and modern arrangement. Apart from the color, there is heterogeneous the characteristics that made living room atmosphere classic and modern. For example, the appearance in furniture. To some single chair, there was the appearance decorated the hands support. The combination of color, brown and gold. The existence of the appearance and the blend of the element of the color of brown and the gold became the application marker of the classic element. The black element became the marker that this space wanted to produce modern nuances. The application of this black color was seen in the table have material wood. There were also several colored accessories black other that was placed there. For example, the velvet pillow had a motive the rose and the long table under televisio.